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Choose Happy Tanks to Clean or Service Your Tank

If you have been having a problem with your residential or commercial water tank, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call Happy Tanks. Our business regularly works with homeowners and businesses to clean, maintain and repair their tanks. Whether you are due for a tank cleaning or need someone to repair a growing crack in your concrete tank, ...read more

A Concrete Water Tank Repair Doesn't Have To Be a Complicated Job

When things wear out and start to deteriorate, fixing them is the natural course of action — but when you need a concrete water tank repaired, the situation might seem more complicated at first. After all, if the problem is inside the tank, doesn't that make addressing it much more challenging? In some ways, yes, that's true. However, with experienced assistance, ...read more

Enjoy Clean Collected Water with Help from Happy Tanks in Whangarei

At Happy Tanks in Whangarei, we've made it our mission to provide our neighbours with easy access to in-depth cleaning and repair service for the rainwater collection and storage tanks you rely upon for household and garden water supplies. Even the best-kept systems will become dirty over time, and animals may find their way inside from time to time. Whether you ...read more

Happy Tanks Provides Expert Water Tank Maintenance in NZ

Here at Happy Tanks NZ, we are specialists in cleaning and maintaining water tanks for both commercial and household clients - if you need water tank maintenance in NZ think of us first. Water tanks can collect biological matter when it enters the tank, and this can lead to potential damage to the water pump, obstructing the flow of water. With the maintenance ...read more

Happy Tanks NZ Water Tank Service Keeps Your Water Clean and Safe

Here at Water Tanks NZ, we understand the importance of water tank service for those who rely on water tanks for drinking water, or other water needs. Without proper service, sediment and organic matter can accumulate in your water tank, leading to a lower quality of water and even damaging the tank and pump. Keeping your tanks properly clean and well ...read more

Trust Happy Tanks for Regular Water Tank Cleaning in NZ

When it comes to water harvesting, you need to make sure you have a plan for routine water tank inspection and water tank cleaning in NZ. Cleaning your water tank and having it inspected will help you identify health and safety risks, including cracks or signs of damage in your tank. We can help you monitor and maintain your tank over time so that you can continue to ...read more