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Product Supply and Installation

We have an extensive range of products available for all aspects of Water Harvesting, some of the common ones are described below, however as many situations are unique to your environment and requirements, we will need to talk to you determine the best solution for your problem.

Please contact us to discuss your specific job.


The Downpipe Diverter can be easily installed on existing or new uPVC downpipes allowing collection of rainwater for tank filling, garden watering and many other uses. It can also be used to divert debris during the cleaning of spouting, preventing it from entering the collection tank.

  • Easy to install
  • It can be easily adapted to fit all Marley downpipe profiles
  • Fold away against the downpipe minimising any visual impact
  • Can be painted to match the colour of your downpipes


The Marley Leaf Beater forms part of the Marley debris diversion range, filtering water to stop leaves and other debris from entering into your tank or stormwater. The Leaf Beater features Clean Shield ™ a patented technology for advanced debris shedding is suitable for new or existing downpipes. It is designed for medium size roof areas that experience average annual rainfall.

  • Easy to install
  • Can be mid-mounted in the downpipe or directly below the gutter outlet
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Designed to automatically shed debris therefore requiring minimal maintenance


The Rain Harvesting Tank Gauge is a rainwater tank level indicator that ensures you are able to tell how much water is in your tank at a glance.

  • Easy installation
  • Seals directly to the tank
  • Suitable for all existing and new tanks
  • No batteries or wiring required
  • Easy to read dial face with 'Empty' and 'Full' indicators which allow for a more meaningful measurement than a numbered dial (due to different rainwater tank widths and styles)
  • Suitable for all vented tanks up to 2.5 metres in height
  • Able to be securely installed on a wide variety of tank shapes (dome-topped, flat, peaked


The Happy Tanks Floating Snorkel ensures the freshest oxygenated water is sourced from the top of your tank into your home, reducing the ability to pick up sediment from the bottom of your tank, and extending the life of your filters. We can fit the Happy Tanks Floating Snorkel for you, or supply it as a DIY product.

  • Easy installation
  • Using the cleanest water in your tank
  • Reduces the ability to pick up sediment from the bottom of the tank
  • Extends the life of our filters


Happy Tanks is pleased to be an agent for Gutter Foam, the original product designed and made in the USA for keeping solids from entering your gutters and then into your water tanks.

Gutter Foam is an open cell polyurethane foam filter insert that prevents leaves & tree debris from entering your gutters.

It stops blockages and allows rainwater from the roof to pass unrestricted through the gutter system.

The foam filter fits all gutter sizes and profiles in New Zealand.

  • Easy to install
  • Drinking water safe when collecting rainwater
  • Treated with U.V stabiliser
  • Guaranteed for 7 years in NZ conditions
  • Useable for Gutters, Valleys and driveway drains
  • Easy to clean and very economical


Happy Tanks Flush-Valves can be retro-fitted to your water inlet, at the water tank, to be able to flush-out waste that will have collected in the underground pipe-work. These pipes are often installed to carry the water from your down-pipes to the water-tank.

This "wet-system" is an area that often becomes infected with mould and bacteria, leading to taste and odour issues in your water supply. When Flush Valves are installed, we can thoroughly clean the pipe-work and avoid any further contamination of your water-tank.

  • Easy installation
  • Improves the quality of water entering the tank
  • Reduces maintenance costs


The tank sanitiser is a disinfecting and deodorising solution for potable water supplies. It is useful in the treatment of tank water when bacterial or viral contamination is suspected, or when the water has smells and requires de-odorising. It is ideal for the treatment of water tanks using a rainwater supply although is suitable for any tank water. It can be used as a one-off shock treatment or at a lower dosage for more regular use. However, we do not recommend it be used as an ongoing water treatment solution and it should only be used in tanks after they have been cleaned.

This is not a DIY product.


Underground pipes can become contaminated with waste from the roof and certain moulds and algae that can contaminate your water. After installing Happy Tanks Flush Valves on the inlet pipes to your water tanks, we can then treat the underground pipes with our Pipe Sanitiser that will kill organics and bacteria in the pipework. Once allowed to flush-clean with rain water, the caps are replaced on the flush valves and water can again be collected in the tank.

This is not a DIY product.